Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers the questions that Scrolls of Legacy gets asked most often. 
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BONDING is the process where you (the Scribe ) invite another person ( Scribe) to have access to your Scrolls. The BONDED person cannot edit (change) any of your scrolls, but they will be able to view all your scrolls and also be able to BRANCH any of your scrolls.  ( add a scroll with their comments on a similar subject - see BRANCHING ) . By agreeing to the BOND, the invited Scribe also agrees to be BONDED to you and gives you access to their scrolls with the same limitations and conditions. To ensure each scribe's control over their scrolls, both BONDED scribes must have accounts with Scrolls of Legacy.  


BONDING and BRANCHING are the unique abilities of Scrolls of Legacy to magnify the personal insights of your life and culture passed to your descendants-- far beyond any other way available. BRANCHING is when another BONDED scribe adds a scroll or scrolls with a comment or related content to the original author's scroll. (see BONDING) This will add and broaden the information of the original scroll from other trusted family members and or friends. Through your network of Scribe-to-Scribe scrolls, you have the potential of a huge amount of family-oriented information accessible to your family and to your descendants, starting from your initial TREE of scrolls. 
  To ensure the control of the original author over their TREE OF TRUST, all branching scribes must be members of Scrolls of Legacy. (see TREE OF TRUST)


Your TREE OF TRUST is the total of all the scrolls you have written and allowed access to.